GDA played a significant role in the development of each of these on-line projects, on one or more of these areas: power plant supply and associated engineering services as the project developer, management, economic feasibility analysis, resource exploration and development, engineering, and/or permitting and regulatory affairs.

Turbine2.4 MW Geothermal Wellhead Power Plant
Eburru, Kenya – 2012
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oserian_turbine_sm2.0 MW Nominal Geothermal Power Plant
Lake Naivasha, Kenya – 2007
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GCCU_smAluto Langano Power Plant Rehabilitation
Aluto Langano, Ethiopia – 2007
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TGinAir_sm30MW Single Flash Power Plant and 20 MW Expansion
Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea – 2005
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powerhse_sm6MW Non-Condensing Power Plant
Lihir Island, Papua New Guinea – 2003
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maibararacontrolpanel_sm11 MW Single-Flash Power Plant
Maibarara Field, Batangas Province, Philippines

brady_sm28 MW Dual-Flash Power Plant
Brady Hot Springs, Nevada, USA – 1992
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steamboat_sm12.5 MW Single-Flash
Steamboat, Nevada USA – 1989

CoveFortSmall8.5 MW Single-Flash
Cove Fort, Utah USA – 1989

empire_sm4.8 MW Binary
Empire, Nevada USA – 1987

rye_sm12.5 MW Binary
Rye Patch, Nevada USA

5/3.8 MW Steamboat 1/1A Binary
Steamboat, Nevada USA – 1985/1987

650/850 kW Binary
Wabuska, Nevada USA – 1984/1986