30MW Single Flash Power Plant and 20 MW Expansion Project – Lihir Island

PH_EndLihir Island, Papua New Guinea – 2005

In December 2003, Lihir Management Company awarded GDA a contract for supply and site supervision for a 30MW (net) geothermal power plant. In 2005, Lihir contracted with GDA for an additional 20 MW of plant equipment.

The picture at the right shows the main power house and annex under construction. The power house is the larger open section which houses three 10 MW turbine-generator sets with their associated condensers and gas extraction systems. The smaller attached annex houses the electrical equipment, including the motor control centers, batteries, switchgear and transformers on the first floor, and the control room and office facilities on the second floor.

GDA mechanical and electrical engineers were on-site for the supervision of plant off-loading in nearby Luise Harbor. The engineers rotated on a regular basis, supervising plant erection, testing, startup and commissioning. GDA engineers take every opportunity to interact with site personnel to pass on their knowledge, as well as conduct formal training.

The GDA plant supply scope included three steam turbine generator sets delivered FAS port USA, engineering design and project management, a spare turbine with accessories, generators and accessories, speed reduction gears, lube oil consoles, main condensers and auxiliaries, cooling water system pumps, gas extraction equipment, cooling tower, spare parts and special tools.

The picture gallery below depicts some of the equipment and systems during erection of the Lihir 30 MW plant. GDA supplied all the pictured equipment and either managed the design through subcontractors or generated unique designs. Pictures also show the Lihir Gold Mine processing plant and Louise Harbor.