2.0 MW Nominal Geothermal Power Plant – Lake Naivasha, Kenya

oserian_turbineLake Naivasha, Kenya – 2007

Under a contract signed in June 2006 with Oserian, Geothermal Development Associates (GDA) agreed to design, manufacture, inspect, test, pack, and ship a 2 MW nominal geothermal steam turbine generator and related power plant auxiliary components from Reno, Nevada, USA to the Oserian flower-growing facility near Lake Naivasha, Kenya. GDA will provide technical support during installation and commissioning of the plant.

At the heart of the plant is the Elliott 4-stage GYR turbine, which is among the most rugged and reliable pieces of precision turbomachinery available anywhere in the world. Being built to withstand extreme temperature changes and harsh conditions, this turbine is ideally suited for use with geothermal resources. GDA specializes in packaging these turbines with high quality components from key vendors. All the major component vendors have been with GDA for multiple projects, and are intimately familiar with our needs.

GDA shipped the plant to Kenya in June 2007. The time from contract signature to readiness for shipment of the plant was 10 months. The plant was commissioned in November 2007.

The complete geothermal power generation system (turbine generator set, gearbox, oil lubrication system and electrical control system) was manufactured and assembled in the US.