Direct Use

The hot water from geothermal wells and springs can be used in many applications that require heat. Geothermal heat is commonly used in building heating systems, greenhouses and vegetable/fruit dehydration plants. Additionally, the hot water may be used for pools and spas which you often see at resorts around the world.

Geothermal Development Associates played a significant role in the development of each of these projects:

onion_smOnion and Garlic Dehydration Plant
Empire, Washoe County, Nevada, USA

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Gold Mine Heap Leach
Round Mountain Mine, Nevada USA

Warren Estates Subdivision District Heating
Reno, Nevada USA

Church Space Heating
Reno, Nevada USA

Ethanol Plant
Wabuska, Nevada USA

Walley’s Hot Springs Pool and Spas
Genoa, Nevada USA

Gerlach Municipal Pool
Gerlach, Nevada USA