28 MW Dual-Flash Power Plant – Brady Hot Springs

Brady Hot Springs, Nevada USA

brady_powerGDA was a partial owner in this successful project and was responsible for exploration and development of the resource. As Manager of Wellfield Development, GDA recommended the comprehensive wellfield development plan, formulated the exploration program, supervised surface geological mapping and geophysical surveys for siting production and injection wells, provided the geological mapping, solicited and evaluated proposals, and aided in negotiations with the geophysical and drilling contractors. Wellfield development services included supervising and coordinating drilling and related operations, providing wellsite geologists and coordinating other well services, preparing a resource assessment report and comprehensive technical reports for each well, and compiling a wellfield computer database.

In the area of administration, GDA issued purchase orders, approved bills of materials and services, provided inspections to insure compliance with purchase orders, and approved and sent invoices to the principal owner for payment; provided monthly reports with respect to budget, expenditures and schedule; developed and enforced safety policies; ensured adequate insurance of contractors; prepared applications and obtained all local, state and federal permits and approvals for the power plant and wellfield.

GDA prepared the application and obtained the permit for a one-acre brine disposal pond including research for appropriate netting of the pond. Research, report preparation, application, and permit approvals for a 10-acre surface disposal pond for geothermal fluids was also done by GDA as well as research and correspondence with various state and federal agencies for a permanent surface disposal permit.