GDA Completes Second Stage of Rehabilitation of Aluto Langano Geothermal Power Plant

Geothermal Development Associates (GDA), working closely with the Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation (EEPCo), succeeded in repairing and recommissioning the Ormat Energy Converter (OEC) at the Aluto Langano geothermal plant and wellfield on the 18th of July, 2009. The plant is now generating up to 4 MW. GDA and EEPCo completed the first stage of repairs (the GCCU) in 2007.

The three year long rehabilitation effort involved extensive assessment, repair and testing of both the plant and wellfield, including complete re-tubing of the heat exchangers. In addition, GDA provided EEPCo personnel with training in plant and wellfield operations. EEPCo considers the rehabilitation a success and is enthusiastic about adding more geothermal power projects.

The Aluto Langano plant is the first and only geothermal power plant in Ethiopia and the only operating geothermal power plant in Africa outside of Kenya.